Published version is 2.36.177, available in the Google Play Store [LINK] and direct download [HERE].

If you'd like to help test early versions, please join the Beta program [here].

Other versions are here: [Beta v2.37.187] [v2.36.177] [v2.35.173] [v2.34.163] [v2.33.155] [v2.32.151] [v2.31.139] [v2.30.133] [v2.29.127] [v2.28.123] [v2.27.121] [v2.26.115] [v2.25.107] [v2.24.93] [v2.23.83] [v2.22.69] [v2.21.65] [v2.20.59] [v2.19.55] [v2.18.1] [v2.17] [v2.16] [v2.15] [v2.14.2] [v2.13] [v2.12] [v2.11] [v2.10] [v2.9] [v2.8.2] [v2.7] [v2.5] [v2.4] [v2.3] [v2.2] [v 2.1] [v2.0] [v1.9] [v1.8] [v1.7] [v1.6] [v1.5] [v1.4] [v1.3] [v1.2] [v1.1] [v0.9]

Note: for manual install, turn on "Allow unknown sources" in Settings, manually uninstall earlier versions, then download desired version to your device and follow the prompts to install.