Engine Driver version 2.23.83 includes:

  • Introduction and Initial Setup Screens (wizard)
  • Three additional throttle page types: Big Buttons Right, Vertical Left and Vertical Right
  • show warning when not using wifi network
  • Option to import preferences from a URL
  • Option to automatically import preferences from the JMRI Server on connect
  • change some default values
  • Recent Connections list - allow user to delete individual entries with long-press
  • delete settings files on Reset Preferences
  • Log View improvements, including save to file
  • gamepad functions behave same as screen functions
  • Support for the Flydigi Wee 2 gamepad controller
  • prioritize eStop button
  • fix some reported bugs and lint warnings
  • Czech translation by Petr Šídlo
  • French translation by Alain Carasso
  • Web View and Auto-Web remember page and position on page

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