Engine Driver version 2.36.177 includes:

  • Remove check for legacy files
  • Permission changes to support API level 33
  • For Android 10+ - option to retain all data on uninstall
  • Added close buttons to the Consist Edit and Consist Light Edit screens
  • Added preference to hide Instructional/Help Toast popups
  • Added support for DCC-EX EXRAIL commands: ROUTE_INACTIVE(id), ROUTE_ACTIVE(id), ROUTE_HIDDEN(id), ROUTE_CAPTION(id,"label")
  • Added support for DCC-EX individual track/district power control
  • Added support for Auto selection of DCC-EX Native Protocol. (Server name must contain "DCCEX" or "DCC-EX".)
  • Added support for additional DCC-EX Track Types: AUTO, EXT, BOOST
  • Remember the dropdown selection in the DCC-EX screen
  • Added new preference to have the Pause button near the Stop button
  • Redesign of the connection screen list items
  • Update to jmdns-3.5.8.jar
  • Cleanup of the function defaults screen
  • Add close button to function defaults screen
  • Hide 'save log' button after pressing. Show file name on the log screen
  • Additional French Translations by Alain Carasso
  • Removal of some of the deprecated code
  • Restructure of the source file locations into sub folders
  • Significant reduction in the amount of lint
  • Remove use of Settings.Secure.ANDROID_ID

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