Supported WiThrottle Servers

EngineDriver connects to a WiThrottle Server which then connects to your layout. There are now a variety of supported WiThrottle Servers:


To use with JMRI, start the WiThrottle Server function of JMRI, located in PanelPro under Tools, Throttles.  It is also highly recommended that you start the JMRI Web Server function (Tools, Start JMRI Web Server). Both of these should be added to Preferences, Start Up as well.


DCC-EX (for Arduino) now includes a built-in WiThrottle Server, so you can connect directly to your DCC-EX Command Station with wifi capability.

IoTT Stick:

IoTT Stick The IoTT Stick with a Loconet interface can add a WiThrottle server to any Loconet network either via Wifi or by providing its own access point.