Engine Driver version 2.26.115 includes:

  • Use wifi connection unless Allow Mobile Data option selected
  • Swipe down options same as swipe up
  • Include throttle web view when switching layouts
  • Additional background layout options
  • Menu Button to show/hide the Throttle Web View
  • Add Web screen to swipe list (optional)
  • Default to numeric keyboard for Server Address
  • Limiting speed change rate also applied to decreases in speed
  • Optional Pause button for vertical throttles. Slows loco to zero. Press again to return to previous speed.
  • Additional French Translations by Alain Carasso
  • Pause and Limit Speed options for gamepads
  • Multiple heartbeat changes
  • Several Web changes
  • Support for additional gamepad type - Utopia 360
  • Add server info to About page
  • Fix crashes reported to Play Store
  • Additional French Translations by Alain Carasso

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